Swimming Pool Removal

We Remove All Traces of Your Pool

Swimming Pool Removal

Charleston Pool Experts specializes in swimming pool removal. We take great pride in our technique for swimming pool demolition and removal.
Not only do we remove your pool completely, but we also restore the landscaping lawn back to the way it looked before you even had a pool.

Pool Removal Process

Once you’re ready to have your pool removed, we will take care of getting the building permit, if one is required.
Before we begin we will disconnect your power, gas, and plumbing.

Step One

All of the water must be removed from the pool. We can pump the water out of the pool if the pool equipment is no longer functioning.

Pool Removal

Step Two

We back fill in 24″ lift’s then compact the soil.
(This picture is of a fill in only, the customer did not want every thing removed.)

Charleston Pool Expert Back filling a swimming pool

Step Three

All evidence of your swimming pool is removed. We do not leave any concrete, rebar, pipes or trash in the hole. We take video’s before we start, at back fill and also upon completion.

Clean site after the swimming pool was removed.
Clean site after the swimming

Step Four

Good fill dirt is brought in to fill the hole.
Due to years of experience in grading, we are able to level your back yard and ensure a perfect look and ensure the possible best drainage. The dirt is compacted a 24″ lift’s leaving no danger of sinking.

You will be able to use your new lawn however you like!

swimming pool removal

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